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The Abandoned Shopping Mall
Jeff Martin

The Abandoned Shopping Mall ©2021 by Jeff Martin - J's Maps for Unreal Tournament DM and CTF.

The Abandoned Shopping Mall

Inspired by some of the “Dead Mall” videos on YouTube where these guys post videos of themselves sneaking into abandoned shopping malls. It's creepy AF and I thought it would make a timely revisit and definitive theme for a gritty, down and dirty Unreal Tournament map.

This is a sequel to the original DmShoppingmall from 2003, only who could have predicted the decline of the once thriving shopping mall phenomena nearly twenty years later.

Attention Shoppers:

First Floor : Guns and ammo.

Second Floor: Medical and defensive supplies.

Third Floor: Specialty items.

With the rise of the internet and the growing crime rate in many metropolitan and suburban areas, the once flourishing industry and iconic image of the great American shopping mall is in decline.

Consumers shop for a majority of their purchases online from the convenience, safety (and discounted prices) of their own homes. Now everything is delivered right to your door.

Major "anchor" retailers have pulled out or gone bankrupt.

Many shopping malls across the country are closed and have become a haven for the homeless, vandals, drug addicts and gangs. "Hilldale. Nothing but a breeding ground for tranqs, lobos and zipheads."

One of the interesting observations about the abandoned mall videos is the human propensity to "break things", even where there is no beneficial advantage in doing so.

You don't see any other life form on the planet that intentionally destroys things just for the sake of destruction.

A uniquely human trait.

Another unique feature of this map is that no walls are thicker than 16.

This gives it a very 'precise tolerances', trim stream line appearance. I tried to avoid as much as possible the usual blocky look of maps with polygons that are 32 wide or larger.

Music by Angie was found randomly on the internet. I wanted music that was state of the art 'Du Jour', hip hop, but female, and as dirty and sub culture as possible. Yeah there's a lot of dirty songs out there, omg! 8-) It also had a very full bodied robust “James Bond” echoing type of sound that is perfect for a cavernous indoor environment like this.

Most of this mall's entrances are boarded up.

You can still gain access to the mall by prying open one of the plywood barricades. It should open just enough to squeeze through.

The central hub has sustained the most damage. (I got a little severe there). The 4 outer “Grand Hallways" are relatively intact. (They actually came out so nice I didn't have the heart to trash them).

At one time, the only way in was to rappel down through a broken skylight.

Since then, vandals have found other entry points.

Mother nature is slowly reclaiming her domain. Weather damage, flooding and general entropy are a common sight in the abandoned shopping mall.

Some stores are completely boarded up, while others remain just as they were when abandoned.

Service hallways circumnavigate the first floor allowing for travel between locations without being seen.

Squatters have constructed a network of what no one could possibly describe as "sturdy" two-by-four ramps making it easier to get around inside the mall. Please watch your step.

Be careful when entering Dolly's Den. There's a few unsavory customers hanging out there.

Path Nodes: Yes. Bots will patrol the 1st and 3rd floors of the mall. Bot paths are slightly different in CTF version.

Music by Ängie.

Cam girls by Purple Bitch.

The "High Five" pays tribute to all the previous shopping mall maps by other authors I could find dating back to 2002. Respect to my fellow mappers.

Capture The Mall by Michhhhael rosebum.com
Rogue Mall by Wendy dePriest
Atypical Mall by bukie_monster@
DM-Mall by Eddie 'Silvermoon' Roosenmaallen
Nano Mall by Swanky chunky@surfeu.de
Super Shopping Mall by King Jo$h jamgarber@gmail.com

Spoiler Alert:

* Movie posters all refer to indoor mall, enclosed, confined, artificial, underground societies and locations of some kind.

* There is a teleporter leading to the SkyBox, because nothing is funnier than seeing your friends the size of a 90 story building running around in the city.

* Move the boxes at the loading dock to reveal a hidden trap-door. (This door should be just BARELY wide enough to fit through.

Underground you will find "The Lost Store" which no one has seen since the late 90's. Some people doubt it even exists. A humble shout out to Cliff Blezinski.

Brand names are famous fashion fads and labels from the 90's.

There you will find a few original Unreal items, at yesterday's prices. These are basically the only Unreal 1 items that transfer over into UT.

Happy Holidays and thanks for shopping at the Abandoned Shopping Mall.