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Featuring some of the Best Unreal maps of all time.

Below is a list of what are considered to be some of the best - most popular Unreal maps to date, for originality, design and visual aesthetics.

Thanks to the Unreal Editor, there are literally thousands of maps for Unreal. These are just a few that stand out from the crowd.


DOWNLOAD 2001 by Wayne Young

Based on the space station from the 1968 movie "2001 a Space Odyssey". Probably one of the top 3 coolest maps of all time.
DOWNLOAD Bathroom Special Edition by Lucas Ellis - Twinsen.

The most recognized Unreal map? An oldie but a goodie.
DOWNLOAD Breakfast by John Falgate.

Contains 100% of the USDA's daily recommended amount of vitamins and iron. Check out John's mapraider page for an astounding array of masterpieces for Unreal and UT. This guy is simply the best of the best! mapraider.com
DOWNLOAD Bumperpool Hall by Jurz and Uber Hunglo

Another giant map. (Probably a gag author's name but who cares, It's still a cool map)
DOWNLOAD Bunnyrabbit Stew by Sally Deth de Wicked

Okay, this map is just too ridiculously cute –not- to be included. Salley Deth (and Gina) was the Unreal community’s very own Skater-punk Goth chick, who ran her own server and bulletin board, while making some of the craziest most insane maps ever. And she was pretty hot too! We are sad that she is gone, but happy that she has probably moved on to better more wicked things.
DOWNLOAD Cargo by John Falgate

Yet another one of John's many great maps.
DOWNLOAD Downtown by John Falgate.

The predecessor of Zietkind and Zahltag to name only a few. Professional quality. Superb attention to detail. You will find the sound effects and textures from this map in just about every other city map that came afterwards. Probably the best custom Unreal map ever.
DOWNLOAD Escherland (New Castrovalva) by Jennifer Diane Reitz.

What Unreal is best at. To create abstract environments which are not supposed to exist. The brilliant concepts immortalized by M. C. Escher - brought to life.
DOWNLOAD House of Escher by Simon West-Bulford

Another Escher'esque type map featuring a well conceived array of mazes and warpzones. Check out the hallways where you can shoot a perpetual dispersion pistol round.
DOWNLOAD Japan by Brad Noble

A priceless gem.
DOWNLOAD Killer PC by Eldon Down

Another "giant" map. Great textures, audio, special effects and roving sentry-bot.
DOWNLOAD Konosus: The Secret of Minos by Robert A. Wey

For all practical purposes, the definitive "perfect" map!
DOWNLOAD Mars Crater by James Hellie.

A nice day on another planet.
DOWNLOAD Wicked Mansion by Ben Golus

An awesome haunted house with subterranean labyrinth. Check out the piano at midnight!
DmZeitkindPro.zip Zeitkind by Juergen Vierheilig.

The infamous Zeitkind/Zahltag dynamic duo. Probably the most played, copied, modified, remixed, ripped off maps in the history of Unreal.
DOWNLOAD Enter The Matrix by Rick [KoR].

Unequaled in theme, execution and attention to detail. Rick really did his homework on this one, studying scenes from the movie and even implementing special choreography (the Agent Smith scenario) to make this map. Awesome job!
DOWNLOAD The Taj Mahol by Downunder.

The mausoleum of Mumtaz Mahal.
DOWNLOAD The Alpha Lab by Stephen Eckenstaler.

Amazing architecture, game flow and use of textures. This map has a refined sense of style and continuity that our favorite European mappers are famous for. Perfect!
DOWNLOAD Tom And Jerry by Nidrah.

For UT (cheating). One of the neatest maps ever, highly stylized, totally unique and one-of.
DOWNLOAD Indiana Jones 3 by Tihomir Marinov

For UT. This is quite simply one of the coolest most clever maps ever made.

Do you know of a really awesome map? send it in. Maps should be by the original author only (not modified, converted, imported, etc) in its original condition including the author's name and link to the actual archive file.