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Westworld for Unreal began as a simple map based on the 1973 Michael Crichton movie.

A small abandoned ghost town located somewhere in the wild west. This was intended to be a 2 player shoot out, "duel at high noon" type of map where you can play against one other player, or a vengeful gun slinging robot (Yul Brenner) locked in the jail cell. Bullet based weapons only and a Breaking-Glass actor because it's not a wild west map unless someone gets thrown through the saloon front window.

WESTWORLD 2 was made in 2012 as a 10th anniversary sequel to the original map (a complete remake from scratch) with an improved sky box and more expansive control center. Includes audio samples and the actual "Delos Virus" from the movie.

In 2016 HBO released the television series WESTWORLD.

I just love the way they reenvisioned the futuristic look, feel and style of the original movie. The control center is now a glass maze. The architecture gives us an uneasy feeling. Nothing is quite lined up or centered exactly. Everything is just a little bit askew, offset, fragile, as if there are tiny overlooked imperfections and cracks everywhere just waiting for something to seep through and escape.

Now in its 4th season, this map comes full circle and completes the trilogy, almost 20 years later.

This is a self guided tour. There is only 1 player-start. Earn your way to consciousness and gain access to the control center.

Hopefully, the series finale (when ever that is) will elicit a final addendum.

Thank you for visiting WESTWORLD.